wiggin out bruh

I don’t know why but I really want to be prom queen when I’m a senior…but what’s the likely hood of that happening when I’m prob going to go against the most popular girls in the school :-(

I am really sad right now and I don’t know if it’s because people in my life are hurting me or I feel like I have no one…maybe it’s both.

i just want to makeout with someone tbh

im tired of being hidden 

I feel like I always disappoint people & when I do I get really sad and feel like I’m a bad person.

Don’t you hate when you’re sad & you don’t know why?

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I am so happy because my family & I moved out of the homeless shelter yesterday :) We can finally move on with our lives.

I must come out that I almost commited suicide before. I’m tired of hiding it. So there you guys know now.

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Sad Story 1

okay so I have major weight issues & it use to be really bad in like 9th grade. I started starving myself for days and days. My mom would tell me to eat & I would say I already ate at school or “im not hungry” and she didnt think anything of it. I did this for months. I thought I looked disgusting and fat. It was hard for me to go to school & look at perfect california girls & see their perfect bodies. All I wanted was to have a flat stomach & a gap in between my legs. I was never happy. Until I started getting dizzy & light-headed. I realized that this was not a healthy way of losing weight & I started eating again, but it is still a problem for me today. I still barely eat, but I eat more than I use to……I guess i’ve gotten better.

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